Yoga is the art of connecting breath & movement. When you step on your mat and learn to follow your breath you will enter a state of calmness and awareness, and at the same time build strength and flexibility. Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps you build self-awareness which will give you clarity in life.

Yoga is a beautiful moving meditation that anyone can learn and enjoy. I personally practice Ashtanga yoga, restorative, Yoga Nidra and slow basic yoga. These are also the yoga classes I teach as well as seated yoga (wheelchair, people recovering from injury or elderly), kids yoga and senior yoga.

You can join my online live weekly classes with Naardic by clicking on the link below;

Weekly classes in person are at Yoga Hemsedal; 

Join med live at YOGA WEEKEND Vestlia Resort in Geilo from october 21-23.Yoga Weekend

>Join me live with Naardic at FuerteVentura training camp. I will be there from Sunday 23 to Friday 28th of October. A week of work outs, yoga, delicious food, sunshine and surfing for those who want.




I hope to see you either on Zoom or in person!

Education & Courses –

Teacher training –

2017 – 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with Alexander Medin at Nosen Yoga.

2017 – 300 hour Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Senior & Kids teacher training with Doug Svenson & Lea Loncar in Croatia.

Courses –

2017 (August) – Laruga Glaser workshop Romsdalen, Norway.

2018 (March) – 2 week Ashtanga intensive with Laruga Glaser at Purple Valley in Goa, India.

2018 (September ) – Sharath Jois 1 week conference Madrid, Spain

2019 (March)- 2 week Ashtanga intensive with Laruga Glaser at Purple Valley in Goa, India.

2019 ( July ) – Sharath Jois 1 week conference Stockholm, Sweden

2019 (August) – Sharmila Desai workshop Oslo, Norway

2019 (August) – Laruga Glaser workshop Romsdal

2020 (Feb) – Sharmila Desai, Goa, India

2020 (April) – “Learn to Count” online 3 week course with David Robsen and Jelena.

2021 (September) – Restore & Yoga Nidra teacher training 30 hours. Atman Yoga school

2021 (December) Meditation Teacher Certificate – online with The Priority Academy