Yoga is the art of connecting breath & movement. When you step on your mat and learn to follow your breath you will enter a state of calmness and awareness, and at the same time build strength and flexibility. When practicing yoga on a regular basis you will build self-awareness which will give you clarity in life. 

Yoga is a beautiful moving meditation that anyone can learn and enjoy. I teach Ashtanga yoga, yin yoga, seated yoga (wheelchair, people recovering from injury or elderly), yoga for mobility & strength, kids yoga and senior yoga. At the moment I am using Zoom to teach online. From June 28th I will be in Hemsedal teaching at Yoga Hemsedal on a weekly basis as well as teaching online with zoom. 

Private online classes are also available. They cost 55 Euros for 60 minutes. To book please email me and tell me a little about yourself and what you would like to learn.

All online classes are taught with Zoom. I will email you a link to join the class about 30 minutes before the class starts. 

I hope to see you at Yoga Hemsedal or online! 🙂


Education & Courses – 

Teacher training –

2017 – 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with Alexander Medin at Nosen Yoga.

2017 – 300 hour Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Senior & Kids teacher training with Doug Svenson & Lea Loncar in Croatia. 

Courses –

2017 (August) – Laruga Glaser workshop Romsdalen, Norway.

2018 (March) – 2 week Ashtanga intensive with Laruga Glaser at Purple Valley in Goa, India.

2018 (September ) – Sharath Jois 1 week conference Madrid, Spain

2019 (March)- 2 week Ashtanga intensive with Laruga Glaser at Purple Valley in Goa, India.

2019 ( July ) – Sharath Jois 1 week conference Stockholm, Sweden

2019 (August) – Sharmila Desai workshop Oslo, Norway

2019 (August) – Laruga Glaser workshop Romsdal

 2020 (Feb) – Sharmila Desai, Goa, India

2020 (April) – “Learn to Count” online 3 week course with David Robsen and Jelena.